Extensive Berglandwirtschaft /Milch

Stimmen von der Alp… Ein Portrait von landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben im Berggebiet.


Here you find informations about the DVD of Patricia Fry, Wissensmanagement Umwelt GmbH.

A project of Patricia Fry, Wissensmanagement Umwelt GmbH

Alp Windbruch, Schangnau BE

It is important for Daniel Siegenthaler to keep his summer grazing areas open and to maintain them in a sustainable way. It is worth it: The pastures are in good shape, the animals are fit after the summer grazing and the diverse plants and animal species are a joy for the whole family. The organic farm receives additional direct payments for the hay meadows and the blanket bogs, where there are a lot of orchids. The cut material is used as animal litter.
Involved protagonists: Daniel, Hedi und Anna Siegenthaler, Marianne Siegenthaler, Martina Widmer.

More information on the series „Farmer to Farmer“:

DVD with German, French, Italian and English subtitles.
Order: info@plantahof.gr.ch

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