Einfaches Holztor – selber bauen

In diesem Video siehts Du, wie Du einfach ein Holztor bauen kannst. Dies dient zur Anregung – einfache Dinge selber auf dem Bauernhof zu konstruieren. Viel Spass.

Es folgen die Informationen vom Kanal:

The folks in the permaculture bootcamp built a quick gate. This is the kind of gate to keep vehicles out. The whole gate is built from logs. There are three posts: two for holding the gate when closed, and one more for holding the gate when open. This is an example of the sort of thing that the permaculture bootcamp does on a typical day. Fred Tyler leads the build – which makes sense since he leads the permaculture bootcamp. The video shows digging the holes, selecting the logs, limbing and peeling off the bark. You might notice that all of our chainsaws are electric. Did you notice the decorative heart done in barbed wire? The ballast on this is pretty crazy big. The normal solution is to make the end stick out more, but there was a tree there and we decided to keep that tree. https://permies.com

Josiah took the video and edited. Fred leads the build. I see Jaqi, Dave and Austin there too.

Thanks to my patreon peeps for pushing me into making videos again https://www.patreon.com/pwvids

Dr. Hugh Gill Kultur
Kerry Rodgers
Kyle Neath
Mehron Kugler
Bill Crim
Jocelyn Campbell
Lisa Goodspeed
Pasquale DeAngelis
Rollie Geiger
wade L
Eric Tolbert
La Vida Verde en Viris
Bill Erickson
Greg Martin

Edited by Josiah Kobernik

music by Jimmy Pardo

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